Literature on Evaluation


Participants' Evaluations of Components of A Physical Activity Promotion Program for Seniors

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Participants' Evaluations of Components of A Physical Activity Promotion Program for Seniors

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Literature on Implementation


Updating the Evidence for Physical Activity: Summative Reviews of the Epidemiological Evidence, Prevalence, and Interventions to Promote "Active Aging".

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Literature on Physical Activity in Community-setting


Understanding the Challenges Encountered and Adaptions Made by Community Organizations in Translation of Evidence-Based Behavior Change Physical Activity Interventions: A Qualitative Study

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Literature on CHAMPS (Community Healthy Activities Model Program for Seniors)


Diffusing a research-based physical activity promotion program for seniors into diverse communities: CHAMPS III

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Literature on Physical Activity in Older Adults


Maintenance of Change in the Active-for-Life Initiative

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Active for Life®: Increasing Physical Activity Levels in Adults Age 50 and Older

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


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