Physical Activity Initiatives

Physical Activity Initiatives

Our aim is simple. ABC is providing an array of choices to help older British Columbians to increase their physical activity levels, become socially connected and to decrease the amount of time they spend being sedentary (such as sitting around or watching TV).  ABC - Physical Activity provides grants and support to organizations, to enhance their capacity to deliver evidence and community-based activities and programs that empower older adults to be physically active.

The aims of the grants are to:

  • provide more opportunities for older adults to be physically active;
  • promote physical opportunities for older adults;
  • promote social connectedness;
  • build community capacity that supports awareness of, and access to, physical activity opportunities for older adults


To achieve our physical activity goals, ABC teamed up with community-based organizations and groups who are experts and experienced at delivering fun, diverse physical activity options across all age groups.

Our delivery partners are:


The cornerstone of ABC’s physical activity strategy is called Choose to Move. Below are descriptions of Choose to Move as it will be delivered (a little differently) by our two delivery partners;  the YMCA of Greater Vancouver and BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA–your local community centre). Learn about who is eligible to participate in Choose to Move and the dates and places across BC where Choose to Move will be offered. 


ABC has also formed a partnership with the United Way of the Lower Mainland (UWLM) to fund one-time, small, competitive grants to community organizations that serve older British Columbians. Grant proposals provide innovative ways to support vulnerable seniors to be physically active, enable older adult’s independence and enhance social connectedness.